On March 1, 2008, I placed a down payment on a 1998 Subaru Forester at SS Auto with a location of 6889 North Oak Trafficway Kansas City, Missouri with the Loan Officer – Tisha.

Unfortunately, they were unable to provide an interest rate and the bank would not loan the money unless I purchased an extended warranty which I did not ask for nor did I want. I am disappointed because their refund policy on the five-hundred dollar ($500.00) deposit was not disclosed clearly and was misrepresented.

No car and no money. This is just not good business if you want referrals or repeat business.

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SS Auto

They are scumbags for sure. Brent Shaw the owner is ***-man and a fraud.

He would sell his own mother a p.o.s if he could make money!!!

He represents everything that is wrong with the car business!!! Under no circumstances should you buy a car from this demon!!!!


These guys are pieces of work to be sure. I bought their vehicle for close to 5K and spent $1500 within days of the purchase and there is no end in sight to the problems I"m having.

The cost of repairs is going to far exceed that of the car and they refuse to take any responsibility or stand behind their project although they talked a very good game about how they guarantee all their cars to be good cars.

Do Not buy a car from this dealership. They are not good people.


I was lucky,my credit union had cancelled my debit card so ss auto didnt get a deposit,if deposits there are non refundable I would have freaked when I showed up to buy the car they misrepresented,it had 3 problems right off the bat that they had failed to tell me about and sometime between the time I told them I would take it and the time I showed up to get it the check engine light had come on,they refused to have the car repaired.

test drive,at speed the steering wheel shook and on semi hard hard braking it made a terrible grinding like sound but the rotors looked fine?? did a post trip inspection on the front end parts and found a lock nut for the right side outer tie rod finger tight and the inside of both front tires wearing very badly.

Bottom line,had they repaired the egr valve to get the check engine light off I would have driven away with the car because at that point I was still buying with emotion,I loved the look of the car,thankfully they lost a sale over a $55 part because I am sure I would have spent a couple thousand in repairs.

Message to anyone selling a car,be honest! I drove 3 hours to come pick this up with a check in hand and now I have to take more time off work to return it!

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